Rejuvenator grout restorer and stain remover makes your floors look new. 

If the floors in your foodservice establishment, hotel, or healthcare facility are looking a little messy, then we’ve got the perfect product for you. With Rejuvenator grout restorer and stain remover, you can easily make your floors look like new. Thanks to its powerful, non-fuming acidic formula, this cleaner can be used to remove hard water scale, soap scum, grout haze, and even rust. Rejuvenator also comes in a convenient 1 gallon container, so you can have plenty of grout restorer and stain remover to keep your floors clean.
Easy-to-Follow Instructions
To use this product, follow the instructions on the label. These directions explain exactly what ratios of Rejuvenator to water should be used. Apply it to the surfaces to be cleaned, allow it to penetrate and react, then scrub and rinse well.
Convenient Handle
This bottle features a convenient handle that makes it easy and comfortable for your employees to transport it around your business.
Non-Fuming Formula
Since Rejuvenator has a powerful, non-fuming formula, it won't overwhelm you staff while they clean with it.

Powerful, non-fuming formula
Removes scale, soap scum, grout haze, and rust

1 gallon / 128 oz. Rejuvenator Grout Restorer & Stain Remover - 4/Case