Eliminate intrusive dust and dirt with this 18" blue microfiber spray mop kit. Including (1) 55" blue spray mop handle, (1) 18" aluminum microfiber mop frame, and (2) 18" blue microfiber wet Velcro� mop pads, this kit provides all you need to make quick work of everyday mopping! The 55" handle provides optimum length so you won't have to bend or hunch over to clean what you need. The handle also features an integrated 20 oz. reservoir for cleaning solutions that saves space compared to bulky external reservoirs. This integrated spray system eliminates the extra work of wetting and wringing while mopping. Easily spray cleaning fluids using the blue push button at the top of the handle, and use the red indicator dot to tell when the reservoir needs refilling.

The mop frame features a durable, heavy-duty aluminum design to provide the strength you need for a variety of commercial restaurant and janitorial applications. For easier cleaning, the mop frame features a compression lock attachment with a swivel mechanism that connects it with the mop handle. Simply screw in the mop handle and then add this compression lock clip to provide further hold and ensure that everything stays strongly connected during all of your cleanups.

The 18" microfiber mop pads remove dirt, dust, and bacteria better than floor cleaning methods involving sponges. These versatile mop pads are also great for applying a floor finish. Use this mop on any hard surface in your restaurant kitchen and dining areas for a clean floor free of streaks and residue. Weighing less than your conventional cotton rag mop, this quick-drying pad makes changing mop heads for each room less strenuous, saving you valuable time and energy and still getting the job done right. Rely on the mop's blue color to color-code your cleaning supplies, prevent cross-contamination, and maintain a clean and orderly environment.

Kit Includes:
- 18" aluminum Velcro� microfiber mop frame
- 55" blue spray mop handle
- (2) 18" blue microfiber wet Velcro� flat mop head

Easy push-button activation sprays cleaning solution directly onto the floor
No mop wetting or wringing needed
Includes (2) 18" microfiber wet Velcro mop pads
55" handle length provides the reach you need
20 oz. internal reservoir for liquid floor cleaners

18" Blue Microfiber Spray Mop Kit w/ 2 Pads

SKU: 27592218BLKT_497