Keep your restaurant clean and sanitized with Noble Chemical's Absorb odor neutralizer and spill stabilizer. 

Noble Chemical's 2 lb. Absorb odor neutralizer and spill stabilizer is perfect for cleaning up a variety of messes. This free-flowing granule solution can easily be applied to any surface. Its blend of odor neutralizers, natural botanicals, and emulsifying agents makes it highly effective against waste-related odors. Regardless of the type of business you own, Noble Chemical Absorb odor neutralizer and spill stabilizer is always a smart choice.
Upon disposal, biodegradable products are capable of being broken down by biological microorganisms, without harming the environment.
Orthodox Union Kosher
This item is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.
Easy-to-Follow Instructions
To use Absorb, simply spread it over the surface of the spill to allow the granules to absorb any liquid and odors. When cleaning up, sweep the granules into a dustpan and dispose of them in a waste bin.
Convenient Bottle Design
Noble Chemical's Absorb is easy to dispense and has a convenient handle. You can also choose between two different mouth sizes depending on how much you need to use.
Highly Absorbent
This chemical solution can absorb 5 to 6 lb. of liquid per 1 lb. of powder to make cleaning a breeze. If there is a mess in your kitchen, dining room, or bathroom, this product is up to the task.
Versatile Product
Absorb odor neutralizer and spill stabilizer is perfect for cleaning up bodily fluids, cooking oils, drinks, paints, automotive chemicals, solvents, pet accidents, and much more.
Noble Chemical Brand
Noble Chemical brand supplies are a smart addition to any restaurant, hotel, or healthcare facility, and this handy cleaner will keep customers and employees safe. Be sure to check out our quantity discounts for even better wholesale savings!

Eliminates odors
Soaks up spilled liquids
Easy to use
Convenient handle design
Can absorb 5-6 lb. of liquid per 1 lb. of powder

2 lb. / 32 oz. Noble Chemical Absorb Odor Neutralizer / Spill Stabilizer

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