The 24" x 5" all-in-one microfiber dust mop comes with everything you need to keep your floors dust and dirt free. You won't have to worry about buying individual components as this comes complete with handle, wire frame, and mop head. This dust mop reduces the amount of chemicals and water needed to keep your floors clean, and has a yellow color-coded back to help prevent cross contamination.

The microfiber material is much finer than cotton and other cleaning materials so it is able to penetrate cracks and crevices for a more thorough cleaning. The nylon in the microfiber also creates a natural static charge that lifts dust and dirt, making it cling to the pad. The frame is a powder coated metal wire that is also rust resistant, providing for a longer service life. You can clean with finesse as the handle features a unique snap lock for 180 degree swivel action so you can easily weave around corners, or keep a rigid position if you choose.

Color-coded canvas back
Comes with frame, handle, and mop head
Rust resistant, black powder coated metal wire frame
Features a unique snap lock for 180 degree swivel action or rigid position
Non-abrasive, lint-free and streak-free cleaning

24" x 5" All-In-One Microfiber Dust Mop w/ 60" Handle

SKU: 275MFDM24KIT_508

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