Easily apply a floor finish with this useful M 55433 18" Easy Shine applicator system. 

Made to save time and labor, this system reduces labor costs by up to 70% and finish usage up to 35% in comparison to traditional mop and bucket methods. Plus, it's design allows you to use most conventional floor finishes and cleaning chemicals to achieve results above and beyond your standards!

User Friendly
To use, simply fill the included canvas backpack pouch with up to 1.5 gallons of your chemical. The long golden tube conveniently attaches from the backpack to the handle. Push the trigger button on the tube to dispense the chemical, and it will make its way down through the tube and into the mop pad.

Versatile Mop Pad
The mop pad works on all kinds of uneven surfaces, including ceramic tile, quarry tile, and raised rubber flooring. This system also makes it easy to apply finishes to corners and along baseboards.

Ready to Go
When it arrives, this system includes a 16" wide pad holder, (2) 18" pads, a backpack pouch, a plastic pouch, and a tube. That way you are ready to begin using it to tackle your cleaning jobs!

Works on all floor types
Easy to apply finishes in corners and along baseboards
Saves time and labor
Works with most conventional floor finishes and cleaning chemicals
Trigger button for easy dispensing of liquid chemicals
Low drag mop delivers smooth, even coats of finish

3M 18" Easy Shine Applicator System

SKU: 39955433_547