Reduce cleaning time and labor with the 3M 59027 18" green Easy Scrub flat mop pad! It is designed for use with the 3M Easy Scrub flat mop system which reduces chemical waste by up to 80% and cleaning time up to 50% compared to traditional mop and bucket cleaning. It's easy to swipe away bacteria and other contaminants on all kinds of non-porous surfaces. This mop pad features a dual fiber construction with green scrubbing stripes and a Velcro� backing to ensure it stays in place while cleaning.

Available in a variety of colors, this mop allows for proper color-coding in order to prevent cross-contamination. This green color is recommended for cleaning kitchen floors. This mop pad is lightweight and easy to change out with other colors for different applications. Plus, it's safe for use with chlorine and bleach for easy laundering.

Dual fiber construction with scrubbing stripes and Velcro® backing
For use with the 3M Easy Scrub flat mop system
3 times faster than cleaning with other flat mops
Mop drag is 10 times less than other flat mops
Easier and faster than cleaning with mops and buckets
Color-coded to prevent cross-contamination
Green color is recommended for cleaning kitchen floors
Chlorine and bleach safe

3M 18" Green Easy Scrub Flat Mop Pad - 10/Pack

SKU: 39959027_553

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