Keep your facility looking great with Noble Chemical Oxy Dip bleach presoak and destainer. 

Quickly and easily remove stains from plastic, china, porcelain, and more with the Noble Chemical Oxy Dip presoak and destainer. This two-in-one agent utilizes the deep-cleaning power of oxygen to remove stains from a wide variety of materials in your business. Best of all, this specialized formula won’t harm the surfaces it’s cleaning. It’s safe for all colors and can even be used in laundry, carpeting, and upholstery to remove stains from clothes and other textiles.
Orthodox Union Kosher
This item is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.
Easy-to-Follow Instructions
To use Noble Chemical's Oxy Dip presoak and destainer, simply follow the instructions printed on the label. Keep in mind that the process may differ depending on what you want to clean.
Before Use
This presoak solution is odorless, tasteless, and non-abrasive, so it removes hard-to-clean dirt and stains without harming the surfaces it's cleaning.
After Use
Oxy Dip presoak and destainer can be used on plastic, china, porcelain, wood, glass, fabric, and more, so you can use it to get your whole facility looking its best.
Noble Chemical Brand
Noble Chemical brand supplies are a smart addition to any restaurant, hotel, or healthcare facility, and this handy cleaner will keep your textiles spotless. Be sure to check out our quantity discounts for even better wholesale savings!
Noble Chemical Oxy Dip
Using the deep cleaning power of oxygen, this three-in-one agent allows you to soak and remove stains with ease. Both tasteless and odorless, Noble Chemical Oxy Dip will remove dirt and stains without leaving any chemical residue!
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Trying to remove tough stains from carpets, rugs, aprons, and much more? The Noble Chemical Oxy Dip presoak and destainer is harsh on stains and gentle on your surfaces. This three-in-one agent utilizes the deep cleaning power of oxygen so you can bleach, clean, and sanitize all at the same time. It is even safe to use on colored fabrics, coffee pots, cutting boards, and more! Best of all, Noble Chemical Oxy Dip is tasteless and odorless so you won't have to worry about any chemical residue getting left behind. Trust Noble Chemical Oxy Dip to get the job done. Simply combine 1 oz. Oxy Dip per 16 oz. of water. You'll be able to soak, remove fabric stains, and remove carpet stains with ease. Oxy Dip is also compatible with plastic, china, porcelain, and wood, so you can lift stains and tackle a variety of tough jobs with one handy destainer. Whether you're using it for laundry, soaking, or other uses, Noble Chemical Oxy Dip has a powerful formula to give you impressive results!

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Excellent presoak and destainer
Utilizes deep-cleaning power of oxygen
Removes stains without hurting surfaces
Odorless, tasteless, and non-abrasive
Gentle on hands

8 lb. / 128 oz. Noble Chemical Oxy Dip Bleach Presoak & Destainer - 4/Case

SKU: 147OXYDIP 8#_40

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