Equip your commercial kitchen with a sink used solely for cleaning with the help of this Advance Tabco 9-OP-40 16" x 20" x 12" floor mounted mop sink! 

This Advance Tabco mop sink is sleek, durable, and practical! Floor mounted sinks are the way to go when it comes to choosing a space designated for cleaning and mop storage. Doing so helps you properly separate cleaning tasks from those involving food, ensuring optimum food health and safety. This floor-mounted mop sink is just the right height to make it easier for your employees to dump and change dirty mop water, and designed to help prevent water messes.
Heavy-Duty Construction
The 9-0P-40 is made of a heavy-gauge, 304-series stainless steel that will provide exceptional durability in your commercial establishment. It has TIG welded seams, which are blended to match adjacent surfaces to a satin-smooth finish.
Floor Mounted
This mop sink is designed to be floor mounted. This eliminates the need to lift heavy mop buckets or other containers, and provides a cleaning station at a height far from food-contact surfaces so you can maintain a sanitary environment and prevent food contamination.
The 9-OP-40 has a die-formed, countertop edge with a no-drip offset. The small backsplash remains flush with the wall to help prevent water contact and damage.
Drain Cover
This mop sink is equipped with a slotted stainless steel drain cover to prevent food and waste particles from entering and clogging the drain.

Advance Tabco 16" x 20" x 12" Floor Mounted Mop Sink

SKU: 1099OP40_12