Keep your floors looking clean and tidy with the help of this Carlisle 4065000 12" recycled angled broom with flagged bristles and 48" handle. Featuring a unique blend of recycled bristles, this item's broom head offers an economical yet durable construction that's 80% flagged PET and 60% polypropylene copolymer shroud. Plus, these flagged bristles are supremely adept at sweeping up fine dirt and debris, ensuring that all small particles are swept clear of pesky corners and hard-to-reach crevices. They're also resistant to stains and won't fall out!

Perfect for keeping large spaces in optimal order, this broom is a versatile and reliable addition to your venue's maintenance system. Not only does its 48" plastic-coated steel handle offer increased stability and an enhanced reach, but it also provides a convenient swivel hanging cap for easy storage on a broom rack or other organizer after use. This item's angled design boasts an ergonomic shape that will guard against uneven wear as well, ensuring that it withstands the demands of everyday use in high-volume consumer traffic areas. Keep your facility sanitary and spotless with the help of this 12" recycled angled broom!

Boasts a unique blend of recycled bristles; 80% flagged PET and 60% polypropylene copolymer shroud
Durable plastic-coated steel handle provides optimal stability and expansive reach
Swivel cap enables efficient storage while flagged bristles easily sweep up fine dirt and debris
Polypropylene bristles are economical, stain-resistant, and permanent
Designed with an ergonomic shape to guard against uneven wear

Carlisle 12" Recycled Angled Broom w/ Flagged Bristles & 48" Handle

SKU: 2714065000_289