Keep your floors clean with this Carlisle 36781800 18" red double neoprene foam floor squeegee with plastic frame and scrubbing bristles. Constructed with a high quality double neoprene foam synthetic rubber blade, this squeegee is designed for removing water and moderate amounts of dirt on uneven, grouted and smooth surface floors, and provides more absorbency of liquids than a straight rubber blade for a more efficient clean. Its neoprene construction also resists fats and oils, making this squeegee the perfect tool for cleaning your restaurant's kitchen floor to prevent grease accumulation on your floors and reduce the risk of potentially costly accidents. For added convenience, this heavy-duty squeegee features scrubbing bristles, providing you with an all-in-one floor care solution that scrubs and removes cleaning solutions in a single operation.

Having the correct blade width for the job is absolutely necessary to ensure your areas are cleaned efficiently in a timely fashion. With its easily maneuverable 18" width, this squeegee is great for cleaning around equipment and other tight spaces as well as narrow, small aisles and hallways. The squeegee blade is attached to a rust and corrosion resistant plastic frame, providing you with more durability and flexibility than a metal frame, making it an all-purpose tool for your janitorial supply. Additionally, its plastic construction is non-sparking, making it a great option for cleaning up spills of flammable chemicals. Featuring a threaded end, simply attach to any standard threaded handle (sold separately).

Constructed with a high quality double neoprene foam synthetic rubber blade
Durable all plastic frame will not rust or bend; added bristles are great for scrubbing
Designed for removing liquid and moderate amounts of dirt from floors
Excellent for use on uneven, grouted surfaces and smooth, even surfaces
For use with standard threaded handles (sold separately)

Carlisle 18" Red Double Neoprene Foam Squeegee,Plastic Frame & Bristles

SKU: 27136781800_198

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