Clean your floors and surfaces with this Carlisle 36490R00 Flo-Pac wedge dry dust mop pad! The mop pad features a heavy, pre-shrunk canvas body and full-sewn construction for durability and long life. A compact size allows it to get into hard to reach areas, so now dusting those pesky corners and behind furniture is a snap. Plus, the loop end design makes the mop pad machine washable to save you time and money. Unlike cut-end yarn, this yarn is made in a loop end design which minimizes fraying or unraveling to give the mop a longer life as the mop head can last up to 8 times longer than similar cut-end mops.

With an absorbent cotton fill, this thick mop pad will catch any dust or debris in your restaurant, hotel, or office. The cotton material also reduces shrinkage and keep a low initial cost compared to other materials. Clean with this wedge dry mop pad to keep your facility spotless and dust free.

Cleans floors and surfaces in restaurants, hotels, and offices
Durable canvas body with full-sewn construction
Compact size to dust corners and tight spaces
Made of absorbent cotton
Loop end design

Carlisle 9" Wedge Dry Dust Mop Pad

SKU: 271364900R_157