Connect this Carlisle 3686814 Duo-Sweep heavy duty angled broom head to a Carlisle broom handle, and you will make short work of any cleaning task! Designed for use is lobbies, malls, and convention centers, this 12" wide broom head features excellent balance to reduce sweeping fatigue as well as unflagged blue polypropylene bristles that are ideal for capturing fine dust and dirt particles. Plus, this broom head doesn't have a hood to break or gather soils, which helps to prevent cross-contamination.

Tough, unflagged polypropylene bristles
12" wide flare head
Great for color-coding programs
Angled bristle design for sweeping around corners and along walls
Well balanced to reduce fatigue during prolonged use
Perfect for use on rough or slightly wet floors

Carlisle Duo-Sweep 12" Heavy Duty Angled Broom Head w/ Blue Bristles

SKU: 27136868BL_218