Balanced to reduce exhaustion while sweeping, this Carlisle 3686825 Duo-Sweep heavy-duty angled broom head is designed to sweep away dirt and dust wherever they may be lurking. The broom head effectively collects and traps dirt and grime, and because its bristles are unflagged, it is ideal for cleaning up large debris in open areas. The heavy-duty angled bristles, which flare to 12" wide, also make this broom head a perfect choice for sweeping up malls, hotel lobbies, bathrooms, or even amusement parks. This versatile broom head can be connected to different handle lengths so you can customize the broom to suit your height. The angled design further simplifies sweeping, preventing inconsistent wear and tear on the bristles. Just attach a handle and start sweeping!

With tan bristles, this broom head is perfect to use with other color-coordinated cleaning supplies. Keep your facility clean and tidy with designated colors for specific rooms or spaces!

Tan, unflagged, polypropylene bristles
12" wide flare head
Perfect to use with dust pans
Makes sweeping easy
Interchangeable with different handle lengths
Perfect for any cleaning task, from bathrooms to hospital waiting rooms
Designed for use with other color-coordinated supplies to reduce cross-contamination
Helps make your facility HACCP compliant

Carlisle Duo-Sweep 12" Heavy Duty Angled Broom Head w/ Tan Bristles

SKU: 27136868TN_224