The Carlisle 3688403 Duo Sweep 57" warehouse broom has 7" stiff, unflagged, black filament bristles for heavier sweeping. It uses a durable metal handle, which is 48" tall. The Duo Sweep warehouse broom is extremely convenient with those of different preferences on the angle of sweeping, because it is made with two handle holes; one angled and one upright. This Carlisle 3688403 Duo Sweep broom is bigger than the lobby broom and would be used in warehouses or other bigger open spaces where heavy debris needs to be cleaned up.

Designed for use in large rooms and warehouses
Stiff, unflagged synthetic bristles are made for heavier sweeping
Two handle holes to suit your needs and preferences
Convenient handle hole for easy storage
Guaranteed to outlast up to four corn brooms

Carlisle Duo-Sweep 13" Warehouse Broom w/ Black Bristles & 48" Handle

SKU: 27136884_230