Maintain the clean standards of your business with the Carlisle 36761824 Flo-Pac 18" hardwood push broom head with heavy orange polypropylene bristles. This push broom head is an extremely durable option that's perfect for warehouses, receiving areas, and other back of the house locations. It boasts a durable hardwood head to help you get the longest possible service life. It also includes a heavy plastic center to loosen caked dirt and debris.

This broom head features malleable polypropylene bristles so you can clean corners and other tight spaces with ease. Thanks to its heavy-duty construction and extra-thick hardwood base, not only is it bound to provide years of service, but it is also built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use in high-volume consumer traffic areas. Its bright, orange color even allows cleaning staff to avoid cross-contamination, as it can be designated for a specific use or area within your establishment. Plus, this broom is a great choice for picking up dust and small debris on rough surfaces. Two threaded handle holes on the top of the block are designed to work with compatible Carlisle broom handles (sold separately), so installation is complete with a few quick twists. Keep your industrial establishment free of debris with this broom head that stands up to everyday use!

Versatile polypropylene bristles are resistant to moisture and chemicals
Stiff bristles stand up to use on sidewalks, parking lots, and other rough surfaces
Natural hardwood block is durable for long-term use
18" block is perfect for cleaning tight spaces
Two-threaded handle holes allow user to alternate sweep directions for long-lasting broom wear

Carlisle Flo-Pac 18" Hardwood Push Broom Head,Orange Polypropylene Bristles

SKU: 271367618OR_196