Promote organization in your storage areas with this Carlisle 4073300 Roll 'N Grip 1 3/4" replacement hook with 4 wooden screws. Designed to replace the original hooks on your Carlisle 4073100 rack / hanger, this hook helps provide a convenient storage solution for mops, brushes, or brooms while also preventing damage to brush bristles, counters, and walls. Plus, by keeping your storage rack in working order to hang mops and wet brooms, you can help ensure that these tools will dry out properly to prevent bacteria from growing.

This hook can be used to conveniently hang slotted handle tools and brushes. For easy replacing, the hook comes with 4 screws.

Keeps brooms and brushes handy and secure
Prevents damage to bristles, handles, walls, and counters
Promotes fast drying of mops and wet broom bristles
Can be used to hang slotted handle tools and brushes
Includes 4 screws for easy replacement

Carlisle Roll 'N Grip 1 3/4" Replacement Hook for Carlisle 2/Pack

SKU: 2714073300_292