Keep your floors clean with this Carlisle 3656702 Sparta Spectrum 20" white single blade rubber squeegee with plastic frame. 

Great for cleaning water, waste, mud, and debris off of smooth, even surfaces, this versatile squeegee features a single rubber blade and a durable all plastic frame that will not rust or corrode and is flexible enough to clean those hard-to-reach spots in your cafeteria, hospital, or office. Its construction is also non-sparking, making it a great option for cleaning up spills of flammable chemicals. Plus, the single blade design eliminates bacteria growth for a long-lasting blade that is easy to sanitize after use.

20" Width
Having the correct blade width for the job is absolutely necessary to ensure your areas are cleaned efficiently in a timely fashion. With its easily maneuverable 20" width, this squeegee is great for cleaning around equipment and other tight spaces as well as narrow, small aisles and hallways.

Threaded Hole
This squeegee readily attaches to a standard threaded handle (sold separately) with its threaded hole.

The squeegee's white color allows you to introduce a color-coded cleaning system, in conjunction with your business's HACCP plan. Try it with a compatible colored Sparta Spectrum handle (sold separately) for a full color HACCP designation and use in a certain area to prevent cross contamination and increase food safety, as well as use with other Sparta Spectrum colors to take the guesswork out of your establishment's safety initiatives.

Color-coded white squeegee helps with your HACCP plan
Single rubber blade design eliminates bacteria growth and is easy to sanitize
Durable all plastic frame will not rust or bend
Excellent for use on smooth, even surfaces
Combine with a compatible colored Sparta Spectrum handle for a full color HACCP designation

Carlisle Sparta Spectrum 20" White Single Blade Rubber Squeegee,Plastic Frame

SKU: 27136567WH_168