Keep your floors sparkling clean with this Continental 6012 12 3/4" sponge mop! The highly absorbent sponge is excellent at picking up and holding water, dirt, and grime. Whether your cleaning at the end of your shift or wiping up a spill, this sponge mop is just the tool you need. The painted steel handle keeps you upright and is perfect for getting to those hard-to-reach places. Changing out dirty, used mop heads is as simple as removing the old and clipping the new one into place. The 12 3/4" mop head provides a wide cleaning area for fewer passes and shorter cleaning times. Additionally, the handle features a grip for comfort and hanger for easy storage, enabling you to keep it out the way until needed.

12 3/4" mop head
Highly absorbent
Includes steel painted handle
Sponge head simply clips in place
Grip includes hanger for storage

Continental 12 3/4" Sponge Mop

SKU: 2746012_397