Ensure your floors have a sparkling sheen, quicker than with a with a conventional cut end mop, with this Continental Wilen A02802 J.W. Atomic Loop� 24 oz. green blend looped end wet mop with 5" band! This wet mop's 4-ply green-colored rayon/cotton/synthetic blend cleans two to three times the area, and lasts up to 6 times longer, than a cut end mop. The looped design makes it ideal for cleaning larger foodservice areas. Plus, these looped ends prevent the unsightly unraveling that may occur with cut end mops.

This wet mop features 30% RPET and recycled rayon in its blend, making it an eco-friendly option for floor care. The 5" wide mesh headband ensures it can be better used with clamp and stirrup-type mop handles, giving you the versatility you need in your everyday operation. At the same time, the mesh material provides a non-abrasive scrubbing surface and allows the mop to dry quickly to prevent mildew growth. This mop's good absorption minimizes residual water on your floors, while the exceptional durability means it's a lasting workhorse.

This mop is not pre-shrunk. Launder with care.

Made with a highly absorbent cotton, rayon, and synthetic blend yarn
Cleans 2 to 3 times the area than conventional cut-end mops
Color coded to prevent cross contamination
4-ply, loop end design
Great for mopping up spills and messes

Continental Wilen Atomic Loop 24 oz Medium Green Blend Loop End Mop Head,5" Band

SKU: 274A02802GN_416