Make cleaning a breeze with this Continental Wilen C057048 48" x 5" Swivel Snap dust mop head. Its 48" by 5" size allows users to clean a large area at once for rapid cleaning. The simple snap-to-close design makes adding and removing this mop head to your mop frame fast and efficient. Made from a thick, pre-shrunk, 4-ply yarn, this mop provides excellent absorption and dust retention and is great for overall general cleaning. The cut end yarn allows this mop head to easily collect and trap dust and debris as it moves across surfaces.

The heavy-duty material of this mop head allows it to withstand both professional and industrial use. When the cut end yarn is fully extended, from tip to tip this mop head boasts a coverage area of 14" x 57". This mop head is ideal for restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, schools, gymnasiums and any other location needing large surface area coverage who are looking for a superior cleaning tool. It is machine washable, so you can simply throw it in the washer and use it again! Mopping will be a dream with this Continental Wilen C057048 Swivel Snap dust mop head.

Heavy-duty materials able to withstand professional/industrial use
Made of thick, pre-shrunk, 4-ply yarn; Launderable
Yarn collects and traps dust and debris as it moves
Simple snap to close design makes adding/removing the wire frame fast and easy
Fits standard 48” dry mop wire frame

Continental Wilen Dust Mop Head 48" x 5" Swivel Snap

SKU: 690K157_892