This grout rescue kit includes everything needed to clean, protect, and maintain porous mineral surfaces. 

Treat your facility to the comprehensive grout-care kit, and keep it clean and looking its best. This kit includes (1) 0.5 gallon container of Super Blue all purpose cleaner, (1) 0.5 gallon container of Rejuvenator grout restorer and stain remover, (2) 0.5 gallon containers of Impregnator H20 water and oil stain repellant sealer, and (1) 10 oz. container of EnziBrite enzyme-enriched floor cleaner and deodorizer.

Super Blue all Purpose Cleaner
This combination of synthetic detergents aggressively attacks all cleaning applications, including the removal of heavy grease and soil, to leave your floor sparkling clean without an unsightly residual film. It works equally well in hard, soft, hot, or cold water.

Rejuvenator Grout Restorer and Stain Remover
This grout restorer and stain remover breathes life back into your floors by removing hard-water scale, soap scum, grout haze, and even rust! It boasts a powerful, non-fuming acidic formula that makes ceramic tile, masonry, and grout look like new.

Impregnator H20 Water and Oil Stain Repellant Sealer
An excellent choice for use on stone, brick, concrete, cement, terra cotta, unglazed tile, and grout, this sealer provides your floors with a clear subsurface barrier that provides durable protection without leaving behind an unsightly film so that the natural beauty of your stone can shine through.

EnziBrite Enzyme-Enriched Floor Cleaner and Deodorizer
This cleaner and deodorizer is a high performance, bacterial-enriched floor cleaner that eliminates grease and odors while leaving behind a pleasant potpourri scent. Its no-rinse formula is ideal for cleaning concrete, ceramic tile, grout, and more, while it continues to clean between regularly scheduled cleanings to help minimize grease accumulation.
Customer Q&A Ask a Question
Do you offer any popular substitutes for any of the components in this grout rescue kit?
We do! Noble Chemical Strike all purpose cleaner is a great substitute for Super Blue all purpose cleaner, and Sierra Step & Shine floor cleaner is a great substitute for Enzibrite floor cleaner.

Includes Super Blue, Rejuvenator, Impregnator H2O, and EnziBrite chemicals

Grout Rescue Kit w/ Super Blue, Rejuvenator, Impregnator H2O, & EnziBrite