Dual Chamber - The HeRO Mop Bucket incorporates a dual chamber design to ensure cleaning solution does not mix with soiled liquids. Compared to single chamber mop buckets, the dual chamber feature significantly reduces cross contamination and allows cleaning personnel to use fewer chemicals.

Interior Measurements - The HeRO Dual Chamber Mop Bucket features interior fluid measurements in gallons and liters. This unique feature enables portion control - eliminating the cost of excess chemical.

Heavy-Duty Furnishings - The swivel bayonet wheels and cast metal handle were incorporated into the HeRO Mop Bucket to ensure it is able to withstand even the most grueling custodial tasks.

HeRO Dual-Chamber Mop Bucket

SKU: 11020
  • Product Dimensions: Length - 20.3 in (51.6 cm) | Width - 15.8 in (40.1 cm) | Height - 35.0 in (88.9 cm)

    Product Weight - 12 lbs, 35 quarts

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