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Cost Effective - Guaranteed to beat the price of any competitor, this cotton cut-end wet mop is ideal for stores, gyms, and schools. Designed for light-duty cleaning, this 4-ply cotton wet mop provides good absorption and liquid retention. The HeRO Economy Mop is manufactured with a double stitched, one-inch wide, cloth connector. This cloth connector is far more durable than comparable paper connector mops.

Non Metal – The HeRO Economy Mop is constructed entirely without metal. This makes the mop a perfect choice for high risk facilities like correctional and rehabilitation institutions. For added convenience, all HeRO Economy Mop cases can be constructed entirely from cardboard and tape thus eliminating the need for metal staples.

Economy Mop

SKU: 707129330352
    • Product Dimensions: Length - 17.0 in | Width - 12.0 in 
    • Case Dimensions: Length - 16.15 in | Width - 10.15 in | Height - 15.25 in
    • Case Weight: 14.7 lbs
    • Product Weight: 16.0 oz