Lint & Streak Free – Due to the compact nature of microfiber, the HeRO Unwoven Microfiber Mop does not leave lint or streaks on floors.


Microfiber Mops – Constructed from ultra-dense fibers that are woven into single strands. Microfiber Mops have a superior ability to trap dirt, dust and moisture. Moreover, their innovative construction is far lighter and more absorbent than comparable cotton mops. These characteristics make microfiber mops an excellent choice for scratch sensitive surfaces, intricate tile, restaurants, offices, hotels and healthcare facilities.


Extremely Absorbent – Unlike most economical mops, the HeRO Unwoven Microfiber Mop is incredibly absorbent. This characteristic makes the mop a perfect “standby” for general spills that commonly occur in housing complexes, offices, schools, prisons and restaurants.   

HeRO Microfiber "Diaper" Mop

SKU: 11008
  • Product Dimensions: Length – 17.0 in (43.0 cm) | Width – 12.0 in (30.5 cm)

    Case Dimensions: Length - 20.0 in [ 50.8 cm] | Width - 6.5 in [ 16.5 cm] | Height - 14.0 in [ 35.6 cm] | Weight - 16.8 lbs [7.6 kgs]

    Product Weight – 16.1 oz