Precision – The HeRO Microfiber Flat combines with any standard 16-inch frame to create an incredibly precise cleaning tool that is able to reach under furniture and fit into tight corners.

Quick Drying – Designed with a thin foam layer, the HeRO Microfiber Flat Mop cleans with the same effectiveness as traditional mop heads yet dries within half the time.

Microfiber Advantage – Constructed from ultra-dense fibers that are woven into single strands, microfiber products have a superior ability to trap dirt, dust and moisture. Moreover, their innovative construction is far lighter and more absorbent than comparable cotton products. These characteristics ensure your hospital, kitchen, and office floors remain clean while eliminating streaks and cotton residue.

HeRO Microfiber Flat Mop

SKU: 11026
  • Product Dimensions: Length - 18.0 in (45.7 cm) | Width - 5.5 in (14.0 cm) | Thickness - 0.375 in [1.0 cm]

    Case Dimensions: Length - 22.4 in [ 56.9 cm] | Width - 18.9 in [48.0 cm] | Height - 11.4 in [29.0 cm] | Weight - 18.4 lbs [8.3 kgs]

    Product Weight - 2.39 oz