This #32 narrowband, cotton cut-end wet mop is ideal for restaurants, stores, schools, and universities. 
At the end of the day, your facility needs to be cleaned of the grime and dirt that it's collected during business hours. Its floors are no exception. With this versatile wet mop head, hard floors are easy to clean and maintain in top shape. With a liquid capacity of 24 oz., the head is even great for soaking up that inevitable, accidental spill. Made of cotton and designed for general-purpose use, the mop head is the perfect addition to any building's janitorial closet.
Great Liquid Retention
This mop head holds up to 24 oz. of liquid at once! Not only does this make it great for everyday cleaning tasks around your facility, it's also perfect for soaking up spills and splashes.
Cotton Construction
With a 4-ply cotton construction, this wet mop is incredibly absorbent. It's also easy to clean after use, so you don't have to worry that you're wiping a dirty mop head onto your floor.
The 1 1/4" narrowband width ensures an easy connection to stirrup-type mop handles, giving you the versatility you need in your everyday operation.
Cut Ends
This particular mop head features cut ends, making it a great, economic option for your restaurant, school, hotel, conference center, or other facility.

Great for cleaning floors in restaurants, schools, and healthcare facilities
Made of 4-ply cotton for superior absorbency
Holds up to 24 oz. of liquid
1 1/4" narrowband width for easy connection to stirrup mop heads
Economical, cut-end design

Knuckle Buster #32 Narrowb& 4-Ply Cotton Cut-End Wet Mop Head

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