For added sanitary benefits, check out this Lavex Janitorial 44 Qt. no-touch microfiber mop bucket! 

With a simple, functional design, this mop bucket comes equipped with added features to make mopping an efficient, manageable task. Built with optimum sanitation in mind, your janitorial staff will appreciate the convenience and durability of this mop bucket!
No-touch Design
The no-touch design allows you to swiftly wring out a mop head without touching the bucket for improved sanitation. By pushing your microfiber mop against the wringer, you can strain water from the mop head without having to come into contact with the bucket or dirty water.
Twist Valve
A convenient drain valve quickly siphons water away when the bucket is full with a simply twisting to the On or Off setting.
Easy Mobility
With 4 casters to easily transport this bucket, you can work efficiently transport this bucket from room to room.
Comfort Grip Handle
This sturdy handle provides a comfortable grip as you life the bucket to empty water when you're done cleaning.
Dirt Removal
The washboard surface removes dirt from mop pads before wringing so your water stays cleaner longer. Able to accommodate microfibers mop heads up to 18" long, this washboard connects on either side of the bucket so you can confidently push against it to strain wet mops.
Caution Symbol
With a clearly visible caution symbol on this mop bucket, you can be sure individuals passing by are alerted of the freshly mopped floors.
Large Capacity
A 44 qt. capacity ensures you'll have enough room to mix water and cleaning solution without having to go back and forth for more water.
Bright Yellow Color
This mop bucket's bright yellow color makes it easy to designate this bucket for a certain room or purpose in your establishment. By creating a color-coded system, you can prevent cross-contamination and enforce an organized, sanitary environment. Plus, you can coordinate the color of your mop bucket to fit in with your other janitorial supplies for easy identification.
Customer Q&A Ask a Question
I use string mops, rather than microfiber pads - will this mop bucket wring them out?
This type of mop bucket is specially designed for use with flat, microfiber mop pads. Because it does not have a traditional wringer mechanism, it will not be as effective for wringing out string mop heads. Check out the Lavex 36 Quart Mop Bucket & Wringer Combo if you're looking for a functional and durable string mop wringer!
Lavex Janitorial Mop Buckets
Whether you need to clean a large lobby, a busy kitchen, or a small break room, Lavex Janitorial mop buckets are a great cost-effective solution for your business. Offered in 7 different colors, these mop buckets can help you introduce a color-coded cleaning system, in conjunction with your business's HACCP plan, to take the guesswork out of your establishment's safety initiatives.
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Lavex Janitorial offers a broad, economical line of mop buckets to help you keep your business clean and welcoming. Featuring 7 different colors, our mop bucket/wringer combos provide the easiest way to prevent cross-contamination in your business. If you’re worried about employees rolling the bathroom mop bucket through the kitchen, check out our Industry color-coding system guide to find which bucket is best suited for back of house, front of house, and everywhere in between. To use the mop bucket and wringer combo, begin by fitting the wringer onto the back of the mop bucket. It fits snugly onto the bucket to prevent the wringer from shifting and potentially knocking the bucket over. Fill your mop bucket about 2/3 of the way up with the appropriate ratio of water and cleaning solution, dunk your clean mop, and place it into the wringer. Then push the Comfort-grip handle to squeeze the excess water from your mop with a quick and easy motion. When the job is complete and it’s time to empty the bucket, the removable wringer and Easy-Lift handle make for an easy ending to a dirty job. Also, with its capacity, you'll have enough room to mix water and cleaning solution without having to go back and forth for more water while cleaning the same area. The included casters let you roll your full mop bucket from one room to the next without breaking a sweat; plus, the bumper guards protect your walls and corners from any accidental scrapes. Not only do these buckets come with non-marking wheels, they also feature a wringer with a heavy-duty spring to help with the wringing process, and a comfort-grip handle for easy use. This removable wringer allows for easy transport and storage under counters. Rounded edges, easy-lift handles, non-scuffing casters, and a large capacity make this mop bucket the perfect choice for your business. As an added feature, the universal ‘Caution’ symbol with English, Spanish and German translations is printed on the side of every bucket to alert your wide variety of guests and customers to a freshly mopped floor and to help avoid any accidents. Whether you need to clean a large lobby, a busy kitchen, or a small break room, Lavex Janitorial mop buckets are a great cost- effective solution for your business.

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Designed for no-touch wringing of microfiber mops
Accommodates microfiber mop heads up to 18" in length
Includes a washboard surface to remove dirt and casters for easy mobility
Convenient twist valve drains water
Bright yellow coloring allows for a color-coded system

Lavex Janitorial 44 Qt. No-Touch Microfiber Mop Bucket


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