Get your cleaning supplies quickly organized and ready to transport with this Lavex Lodging janitor cart kit. 

This janitor cart kit is designed to kick start your cleaning system. Simply fill the cart with your desired cleaning supplies and you're all set! This cleaning kit comes with a janitor cart, a mop bucket, mop head, mop handle, a cleaning caddy, and a wet floor sign so that you don't need to worry about purchasing all of these necessary items individually.

Great for Cleaning Floors
The included 35 qt. gray mop bucket and wringer combo makes it easy to clean floors, and boasts a heavy-duty wringer spring and non-marking casters for convenience. Its durable metal lifting handle makes taking it off the cart or emptying it simple. Plus, a cotton cut-end wet mop and plastic side-release mop handle are included so you can get started cleaning right away. Additionally, this kit includes a bright yellow sign that reads "CAUTION Wet Floor." This sign has both English and Spanish verbiage to ensure guests and staff can understand it and avoid wet areas as you clean.

Designed for Convenience
Each set includes a sturdy janitor cart on non-marking casters, boasting three shelves and a removable 25 gallon vinyl bag that's perfect for waste or laundry collection. The cart features broom and mop holders, and a front platform that is large enough to hold a 20 gallon waste can or mop bucket and wringer. For additional convenience, this kit includes a three compartment large janitor caddy. By filling the caddy with cleaning supplies, you can quickly pick it up and move away from the cart to tackle individual jobs in tight spaces.
Cart Dimensions:
Length: 32 Inches
Width: 18 Inches
Height: 38 Inches
Set Includes:
Full janitor cart with casters: 1
Mop bucket and wringer: 1
Mop head: 1
Mop handle: 1
25 gallon vinyl waste bag: 1
Caution wet floor sign: 1
Janitor caddy: 1

Includes full janitor cart with non-marking casters and wet floor sign
Detachable 25 gallon vinyl bag
3-compartment large janitor caddy
35 qt. gray mop bucket , wringer combo
Mop handle and 24 oz. narrowband cotton cut-end wet mop head

Lavex Lodging Black Cleaning Cart / Janitor Cart & Gray Mop Bucket Kit

SKU: 274JC3BKKIT_474