Remove tough stains with the Noble Chemical 18 oz. Spot-B-Gone instant carpet spot and stain remover. 

Get rid of unsightly dirt spots and food stains to keep your carpeted foyer, dining area, and hallways looking just like new. Fast-acting degreasers and surfactants work to remove oil, dirt, mud, ink, soft drinks, coffee, wine, and many other stains. Strong enough to remove deep stains, but gentle enough to maintain the quality of your carpet, this cleaner is an essential component for any business that wants to keep a clean, professional appearance. The odor neutralizer destroys bad odors and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance.
Simple Instructions
To use, shake well and hold the aerosol can upside down. Spray Spot-B-Gone at a downward angle until the spot or stain is covered. It will foam up after it's sprayed on the carpet, and you should allow a short period of time for the formula to work. Then, blot the stain with a clean cloth, and the stain or spot will be gone in seconds!
Powerful Formula
This spray is made with a powerful enzymatic formula that penetrates virtually any stain including wine, grease, blood, urine, and other tough protein-related stains.
Gentle on Carpet
Though powerful enough for commercial and industrial environments, this spot remover won't breakdown individual fibers or damage the backing.
Noble Chemical Brand
Noble Chemical brand supplies are a smart addition to any restaurant, hotel, or healthcare facility, and this handy stain remover will keep your business looking clean. Noble Chemicals offers an extensive selection of institutional and industrial supplies, including cleaning chemicals, insect control solutions, disinfectants, and other products, all of which are available at competitive prices. Plus, these chemicals come packaged in simple jugs and containers that are versatile enough for nearly any job in a business.

Water-based spot and stain remover quickly saturates for instant cleaning
Enzymatic formula penetrates the toughest of stains
Powerful enough for commercial and industrial environments
Degreasers and surfactants remove stains without damaging carpet fabrics
Odor modifier leaves behind a pleasant scent

Noble Chemical 18 oz. Spot-B-Gone Instant Carpet Spot & Stain Remover - 12/Case


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