Store Noble Chemical Step and Shine floor cleaner in this 2.5 gallon labeled bottle. 

This 2.5 gallon labeled bottle is specially marked to store and dispense Noble Chemical Step and Shine floor cleaner (sold separately), which can be used to clean and give the floors in your establishment a lustrous shine. Simply purchase refill bottles of the Noble Chemical floor cleaner and pour them into this large container after adding the appropriate amount of water. By having this large container on hand, you'll have plenty of cleaning solution ready to use when your floors need to be cleaned. Also, it's convenient that this bottle is clearly marked to remain in compliance with OSHA chemical labeling regulations, which ensure you’re maintaining a safe working environment.

This 32 oz. container is already labeled to store Noble Chemical Step and Shine floor cleaner. By having a pre-labeled bottle, you’ll remain in compliance with OSHA labeling regulations. Also, your employees will always know what the bottle’s contents are, preventing any confusion during the cleanup process.

Instructions Included
Instructions for the Noble Chemical floor cleaner are printed directly on this bottle to ensure it’s always used properly. The bottle’s instructions include directions for use, precautions, and first aid directions.

Fill Line
A fill line is printed around the entire container and is clearly visible, so users can tell when they’ve added enough water before pouring in the Noble Chemical floor cleaner.

User-Friendly Container
This container has a cap on it to ensure contents aren’t spilled or contaminated during storage. The cap easily screws off, and the container also has a molded handle that enables easy transport.

Noble Chemical Step and Shine Concentrated Floor Cleaner Kit
Easily clean all of the floor surfaces in your establishment with Noble Chemical's Step and Shine concentrated floor cleaner kit! Not only is its highly concentrated formula economical to use, it also ships for free!
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Step and Shine has long been one of Noble Chemical's most popular floor cleaners and one of its most popular products overall. And it's no surprise since its no-rinse solution both cleans and shines and its versatile, low-foaming formula is easy to use with a mop and bucket or floor machine. Plus, it's very economical to use because it's highly concentrated and much less expensive than the big brands. If you're concerned about how expensive it is to ship Step and Shine, Noble Chemical has the solution: the Noble Chemical Step and Shine concentrated cleaner kit. This kit gives you all of the cleaning power of a five gallon case of Step and Shine, but it ships for free! Here's how it works. It comes with a two and a half gallon empty bottle and two quarts of super concentrate. Simply pour one of the bottles of super concentrate into the jug, add your own water, and there you have it--two and a half gallons of Step and Shine. And remember, Step and Shine is still a concentrate. For general floor cleaning, you only need one to two ounces of Step and Shine per gallon of water. That means with these two bottles and a jug, you can make up to 640 gallons of cleaner. And remember, it ships free! Step and Shine doesn't harm floor finishes. It's safe for linoleum, terrazzo, rubber tile, concrete, flagstone, and many other floors. It neutralizes any harsh cleaner residue, dissolves ice melt and hard water films, and will never leave a soapy haze on your floor. It's powerful enough for your dirtiest floors and gentle enough to use every day. Step and Shine has already been the most affordable floor care solution, but now more than ever with the Noble Chemical's Step and Shine concentrated cleaner kit!

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Convenient 2.5 gallon container with integrated handle and measuring lines
For use specifically with 32 oz. Step and Shine floor cleaner concentrate
Includes step by step instructions

Noble Chemical 2.5 gallon/320 oz Empty Container for Step & Shine Floor Cleaner

SKU: 149FC4CJUG_52

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