Enhance the cleaning routine in your facility with Rubbermaid 2040055 18" plastic push broom with flagged PET / polypropylene bristle blend and hardwood handle. With a resin broom head that's resistant to warping, rotting, and cracking, this broom is sure to remain durable for long-lasting use in your commercial facility. The bristles are stapled to the block to ensure resilience in the face of heavy duty use. The handle is made of wood for increased strength, and it even includes a patented anti-twist support bracket that prevents the handle from loosening, saving you the time and effort that's lost with broken brooms.

This broom includes stiff inner polypropylene fibers and soft outer polyethylene bristles that are best for cleaning surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the fact that this broom includes more bristles, it's able to remove 40% more debris with each sweep than other broom designs. A built-in scraper helps loosen hardened and caked-on debris. Increase the efficiency of your cleaning staff with a broom that's sure to get the job done well time and time again!

Perfect for sweeping medium-sized particles both indoors and outdoors
Includes lacquered solid wood handle
Included anti-twist brace and scraper help loosen hardened and caked-on debris
Contains more bristles per block to catch more debris with each stroke, maximizing time and effort
Support bracket is anti-twist to prevent handle from loosening

Rubbermaid 18" Plastic Push Broom,PET/Poly Bristle Blend & wood Handle,Scraper

SKU: 6902040055_667