Effectively and efficiently clean your floors with this Rubbermaid FG9C3400BLA 24" curved rubber floor squeegee with metal frame. Ideal for daily liquid cleanup on your floors, its durable, professional-grade curved rubber blade is an excellent option for cleaning liquid and removing lingering dirt and debris off of smooth, even surfaces, such as tile, concrete, and linoleum, to give your floors a nice, streak-free shine. Its curved ends control liquid better than a straight squeegee, making this squeegee ideal for easily corralling and directing liquids to your floor's drain. Additionally, because the blade is curved, it will be able to navigate around corners and hard to reach areas. Its single blade design eliminates bacteria growth for a long-lasting blade that is easy to sanitize after use.

Having the correct blade width for the job is absolutely necessary to ensure your areas are cleaned efficiently in a timely fashion. With its versatile 24" width, this squeegee provides plenty of coverage for large areas in your cafeteria, church, or office, while still maintaining easy maneuverability. The squeegee blade is attached to a sturdy steel metal frame, which includes a tapered handle socket. To use on your floors, simply attach to any standard tapered handle (sold separately).

Curved rubber blade allows for better control of liquids and can navigate corners and hard to reach areas
Versatile 24" width works well in moderately large to large spaces
Single rubber blade design eliminates bacteria growth and is easy to sanitize
Excellent for use on smooth, even surfaces in cafeterias, churches, schools, and offices
Sturdy metal frame with tapered handle socket; for use with standard tapered handles (sold separately)

Rubbermaid 24" Curved Black Rubber Floor Squeegee w/ Metal Frame

SKU: 690FG9C3400_827