Consistently outperforming economy cotton mops on multiple fronts, this Rubbermaid 2025508 #32 white disposable wet mop head is sure to revolutionize the way you keep your establishment clean! Featuring a unique hydrophilic, non-woven construction, this item is three times more effective at removing dirt and grease than traditional cotton alternatives. Plus, it's made to minimize linting so you don't have to rework your floors and wipe up any excess shedding, which is all too common with cotton string mop heads! Additionally, since this disposable item is designed for one-time use, it will ensure that you avoid cross-contamination in your busy bar, restaurant, school, or other institution.

Ideal at delivering optimal results the first time around, this convenient mop head does not require a break-in period upon arrival. This ready-to-use quality makes it a wonderful addition to high-volume consumer traffic areas, where immediate peak performance will help to cut down on cleanup time. This Rubbermaid item also features a distinctive tailband that groups the mop strings together to achieve a better spread and more expansive coverage. The mop head even boasts an eco-friendly construction made from 99% recycled material for the environmentally-conscious business!

Three times more effective at removing dirt and grease than economy cotton mops
Does not require a break-in period; ready to deliver optimal results at first use
Features an eco-friendly construction made from 99% recycled material
Designed to minimize linting to keep your floors looking clean and spotless
Tailband keeps hydrophilic, non-woven strings together for ideal spread and coverage

Rubbermaid #32 White Disposable Wet Mop Head w/ 5" Headb&

SKU: 6902025508_645

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