Sure to revolutionize the way you keep your establishment clean, use this Rubbermaid FGA11206BL00 blue medium Web Foot blend mop head with 1" headband to protect your floors against dirt and germs. Unique to the Web Foot line, this mop head provides extra protection for your establishment with antimicrobials incorporated directly in the yarn. This prevents mildew and mold growth, while leaving the floors of your restaurant, bar, office, or institution free of bacteria and dirt. Plus, the headband features PVC-coated mesh to block moisture and chemical absorption, keeping it free of mildew, mold and unwanted chemicals. Being part of the Web Foot line, this mop head provides some of the top absorption and release capabilities in the industry.

The blend of cotton and synthetic fibers found in this mop head are both more shrink-resistant and 5 times more absorbent than traditional cotton mop heads. The narrow headband on this mop head makes it ideal for use with your existing wet mop handle and quick release adapter. Able to withstand an impressive 75 wash cycles, the blue color of this mop will never fade or disappear. This mop head is made up of up to 80% recycled material, making it a great option for your environmentally-conscious business.

Avoid cross-contamination in your restaurant, bar, office, or institution by designating this blue mop head for general, low-risk area cleaning such as hallways or offices. The easily recognizable color will prevent confusion and keep your cleaning routine simple. The looped end design even reduces tangling and prevents fraying, providing even more durability to one of the industry's leading mop heads.

Yarn includes antimicrobial protection
Durable construction withstands up to 75 commercial wash cycles
Features a 1" headband
Looped end design reduces tangling and prevents unraveling
Cotton and synthetic yarn blend resists shrinkage
Eco-friendly material made of up to 80% recycled content
Attractive blue color can be used to designate mop for general cleaning

Rubbermaid Blue Medium Web Foot Blend Mop Head w/ 1" Headb&

SKU: 690A11206BL_756