Ensure a thorough cleaning with the ease and convenience of this Rubbermaid cleaning kit! The 2 included microfiber wet mop pads wipe away dust and dirt to make mopping a breeze. Plus, each pad is machine washable for up to 500 cycles. The pad's zig-zag design ensures 17% more split microfibers, which are great for scrubbing away dried-on stains. The damp mop pad even boasts of 3-5 micrometer fibers that clean up dust or dirt 45% better than traditional string mops and 25% than conventional microfiber mops.

Designed with a nylon universal joint in the center, the frame allows you to have a full range of motion. The mop will keep the wet pad in place while cleaning your surface area. Plus, the frame's unique trapezoid shape allows you to clean corners and other hard to reach areas, while the slim and flat design slides easily under furniture or equipment. To protect your walls and furniture from scratches or damage while cleaning, this convenient mop frame also has rounded plastic end caps.

Simply use the quick connect mechanism on the mop handle to attach and disconnect the frame in just one step, and you're ready to clean. The handle's 52" length will provide ample reach for hard-to-clean areas. Made of durable steel, this bright yellow handle is built to last, and it features a user-friendly grip for comfort.

The included mop bucket also adds convenience thanks to its design to allow for no-touch wringing of the microfiber flat mop pads. Its ribbed washboard surface removes dirt and debris from the mop, while a twist valve at the bottom of the bucket allows you to empty it without having to do any heavy lifting. The 40 qt. capacity also allows you to keep an ample amount of cleaning solution at hand. This bucket's ergonomic design does not require any bending or pulling and is made with non-marking casters, making it a comfortable way to clean lobbies, hallways, and other heavily-traveled surfaces. When finished, a snap holder secures your mop handle in place for easy and efficient storage.

Kit Includes:
- 11" mop frame
- 52" mop handle
- 40 qt. (10 gallon) mop bucket
- (2) 11" wet mop pads

Perfect for cleaning floors in offices, schools, and healthcare facilities
Frame's trapezoid shape helps clean corners
Frame's slim, flat design fits underneath furniture and equipment
Quick one-step connecting mechanism on handle makes it easy to assemble mop
Pads can withstand up to 500 wash cycles
Ergonomically designed bucket for no bending or pulling
Bucket made with non-marking casters
Ideal for scrubbing away dried-on stains on marble, linoleum, wood, and vinyl floors

Rubbermaid Hygen 11" Microfiber Wet Mop Kit w/ Mop, Pads, & Bucket

SKU: 690MP11BCKIT_894