Bring the convenience of disposability and the durability of microfiber to your establishment with this Rubbermaid 1822352 HYGEN 18" white disposable microfiber wet mop pad! Thanks to its microfiber construction, this pad attracts dust and dirt to provide a streak free clean every time. Use it with water to remove 99.9% of microbes. Plus, the durable fibers are great for scrubbing tough or dried on stains. This pad is compatible with any 18" Velcro wet mop frame (sold separately).

In addition to mopping, this pad is optimized to be able to stand alone as an effective dusting and general cleaning too. Its unique, zig-zag design boasts built-in scrubbing power that makes tackling your toughest cleaning tasks a breeze. When you're done, simply toss this wipe in the trash. This helps prevent the spread of germs as you can simply retrieve a new, clean pad every time you need one without the hassle of laundry. Use this disposable mop pad to tackle cleaning tasks in your establishment!

Use as a mop pad with any 18” Velcro frame, or for general dusting needs
Use with water to remove 99.9% of microbes; safe for use with bleach
Removes dirt for a smear- and streak-free clean
Built-in scrubbing power makes cleaning easy
Great for use in establishments like schools, hospitals, or nursing homes

Rubbermaid HYGEN 18" White Disposable Microfiber Wet Mop Pad - 150/Case

SKU: 6901822352_594