To ensure a thorough clean in your establishment, use this Rubbermaid FGQ88100YL00 HYGEN Flexi-Frame 11" yellow / blue microfiber scrubbing wet mop pad! When attached to a compatible 11" Flexi-Frame and handle, this pad's curved design allows it to get those tough-to-reach spots like corners with ease. Thanks to its microfiber construction, this pad attracts dust and dirt to provide a streak free clean every time. Plus, the scrubber stripes are great for scrubbing tough or dried on stains!

This pad is optimized for use on surfaces like tubs and tile. It can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for bleach-free laundering. The two-tone feature of this pad means it can be used as part of a color-coded system to prevent cross-contamination and stop the spread of germs. Use this wet mop pad to tackle cleaning tasks in your establishment!

Durable microfiber picks up dirt and provides a steak-free clean; ideal for tubs and tile surfaces
Curved design reaches tough-to-reach corners with ease
Scrubber stripes make it easy to clean stubborn dirt and soap scum
Can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for bleach-free laundering
For use with 11" Flexi-Frame for flexible cleaning

Rubbermaid HYGEN Flexi-Frame 11" Yellow / Blue Microfiber Scrubbing Wet Mop Pad

SKU: 690FG88100YL_815