Optimize the time you spend sweeping up your facility with the Rubbermaid 2018729 Maximizer 18" plastic push broom with fine PVC bristles and steel handle. Versatile enough to clean a variety of surfaces, this broom's construction saves you time on your sweeping without sacrificing a high standard of cleanliness. It has a foam block head made of polypropylene that's resistant to cracking, splitting, warping, and rotting. The handle is made of lightweight steel for increased durability, and it includes a supporting yoke for extra sturdiness. The top of the handle is also molded to ensure a comfortable, slip-free grip, even during heavy use.

This broom features PVC bristles that are perfect for sweeping various types of debris on smooth, polished surfaces. The bristles have angled sides to capture more debris with each stroke, maximizing the time and effort your staff puts into cleaning. A hanging hole allows for convenient storage when not in use. This broom is designed to ensure quicker cleaning than other brooms with consistent results each and every time. Maximize your cleaning time and effort with this broom made for use in any facility!

Bristles are angled to catch more debris with each stroke, maximizing time and effort
PVC bristles are ideal for catching debris on smooth, polished surfaces
Foam block broom head is resistant to cracks, warps, splits, and rot
Lightweight steel handle and molded grip provide a comfortable grip
Holed grip provides convenient hanging storage

Rubbermaid Maximizer 18" Plastic Push Broom,Fine PVC Bristles & Steel Handle

SKU: 6902018729_636