Add this Rubbermaid 2017060 Spill Mop biohazard mop pad to your janitorial supplies to ensure quick and effortless clean up of even your biggest messes! With a large, flat surface area, this mop pad can absorb 13.5 oz. of NaCl 0.9% in your facility so you, your staff, and your guests don't have to worry about slips and falls or contamination from hazardous fluid. Since it can absorb common bodily fluid, including blood, this biohazard pad is especially useful in healthcare facilities to maintain a clean, safe environment. Or, it will absorb up to 32 oz. of just water quickly. This mop pad will leave your floors drier than your other typical mops due to its flat polyacrylate and nonwoven material that will absorb excess liquid, instead of moving it around like string mops. For your convenience, it is designed for easy, single use and is disposable once your mess is cleaned up.

This mop pad is best used for large biohazardous spills, like broken beakers in a busy lab setting or messes in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and emergency rooms. It can soak up excess liquid from your floor much faster and easier than typical cotton string mops, dramatically cutting down on your cleaning time. Plus, this pad turns the absorbed liquid into gel, so when transporting the mop pad away from the mess it won't drip or leak over your clean floor! The yellow band on the top of the mop pad designates it for use cleaning up biohazard liquids in your facility. The dispensing carton holding all 10 pads is compact to fit into tight storage spaces. It is best used when paired with the Rubbermaid Spill Mop handle (sold separately) for touch free use and easy disposal of the used pads.

Absorbs up to 32 oz. of liquid including 13.5 oz. of NaCl 0.9%
Changes the liquid to gel once absorbed, so it won't leak or drip
Disposable construction is great for efficient single use
Large map pad leaves floors drier than typical string mops
Great for use in healthcare facilities, labs, and classrooms

Rubbermaid Spill Mop Biohazard Mop Pad - 10/Pack

SKU: 6902017060_630