Add this Rubbermaid 2031093 Spill Mop kit with mop pads, a handle, and a cabinet to your janitorial supplies to ensure quick and effortless clean up of even your biggest messes! The mop handle features a user friendly grip designed to make it more comfortable during use. Simply use the release lever to attach and disconnect the included mop pads in just one step without having to touch the soiled pad. The handle's 47 1/2" length will help to easily clean a large area of the floor without constantly bending over. Plus, the handle is collapsible down to a 22 3/16" size for easy storage when not is use.

With a large, flat surface area, the gray mop pad will absorb up to 32 oz. of liquid quickly so you, your staff, and your guests don't have to worry about spots of water left behind that can cause slips and falls. This mop kit is best used for large spills such as dropped drinks in your lobby, tipped mop buckets in your back-of-house area, or water problems in your restrooms. It turns the absorbed water into gel, so when transporting the mop pad away from the mess it won't drip or leak over your clean floor! For your convenience, the mop pad is designed for easy, single use and is disposable once your mess is cleaned up. The dispensing carton holding all 10 pads is compact to fit into tight storage spaces.

This cabinet is designed specifically to hold a Spill Mop handle and 20 Spill Mop mop pads. So you can keep your most important cleaning tools you need when an accident or mess occurs right at your fingertips. It is made of durable ABS plastic that won't corrode or rust when exposed to moisture and is designed for long-lasting use in a busy environment. Simply mount this cabinet to the wall where you need it most with the included hardware. Get started cleaning up your worst messes with this comprehensive Spill Mop kit!

Kit Includes:
- (10) gray mop pads
- Mop handle
- Storage cabinet

Mop Pad Dimensions:
Length: 10"
Width: 7 5/16"

Handle Dimensions:
Width: 4"
Length (Extended): 47 1/2"
Length (Collapsed): 22 3/16"

Cabinet Dimensions:
Width: 13 1/4"
Depth: 4"
Height: 24 9/16"

Handle boasts a collapsible design for easy storage when not in use
Pad absorbs up to 32 oz. of liquid to take care of large spills and messes
Disposable mop pad construction is great for efficient single use
Easily mount the storage cabinet to a wall for easy access
Great for use in restrooms, restaurants, or lobbies

Rubbermaid Spill Mop Kit w/ Mop Pads, Handle, & Storage Cabinet

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