Easily maintain your clean facility with this Rubbermaid 2064907 WaveBrake� 18 qt. red dirty water mop bucket! Designed to nest and lock in place right below the wringer on your WaveBrake� mop bucket, this dirty water bucket allows you to keep dirty water separate from your cleaning solution to help preserve its cleaning power, effectively reducing the amount of solution needed.

Made of highly-durable, web-molded plastic, this bucket is built to handle any cleaning job, whether it be big or small. Not only does its wire handle ensure simple transportation, its lightweight construction also makes it easy to lift and empty. Plus, it boasts a large capacity to minimize the amount of times you need to dump out the dirty water. Pair this bucket with your WaveBrake� mopping system to ensure quick and efficient cleaning!

Nests directly below the wringer on 35 qt. and 44 qt. WaveBrake mop buckets
Keeps dirty water separate from cleaning solution to help preserve its cleaning power
Made of highly-durable, web-molded plastic
Lightweight design makes it easy to lift and empty
Wire handle ensures simple, hassle-free transportation

Rubbermaid WaveBrake� 18 Qt. Red Dirty Water Bucket

SKU: 6902064907RD_674