Easily maintain your clean facility with this Rubbermaid FG759088YEL WaveBrake� 35 qt. yellow institutional mop bucket with sieve wringer! Featuring innovative WaveBrake� technology, this highly-durable, web-molded plastic bucket uses its incorporated baffle to disrupt wave formation and reduce splashing by up to 80%, minimizing excess noise, accidental messes, and costly slips and falls. Its easy-to-use sieve wringer securely fits atop the bucket and allows users to quickly and firmly press their mop into the basin, eliminating the need for a handle, side, or down press wringing system.

Gliding smoothly on four non-marking casters that promote fast transportation and ensure excellent floor protection, this mop bucket is an ideal addition to any school, office, restaurant, or healthcare facility. Plus, it can be paired with a compatible dirty water bucket that keeps dirty water separate from your cleaning solution to help preserve its cleaning power, effectively reducing the amount of solution needed. Its all-plastic construction means there are no metal bails to cut hands or corrode due to repeated contact with water, and since all metal products have been removed, it's safe to use in correctional facilities. A red handle on the back of the bucket makes lifting and dumping easier than ever! Boasting a yellow color that designates it to be used for back of house cleaning to prevent cross contamination, this WaveBrake� mopping system is built to handle any cleaning job, whether it be large or small.

Incorporated baffles disrupt wave formation and reduce splashing by up to 80%
Wringer eliminates the need for a handle, side, or down press wringing system
Efficient wringer design works with all mop sizes from 10 oz. to 32 oz.
Glides on four non-marking casters for fast transportation
Has an all-plastic construction that's safe to use in correctional facilities

Rubbermaid WaveBrake� 35 Qt. Yellow Institutional Mop Bucket,Sieve Wringer

SKU: 690FG75908YL_811