Maintaining clean floors in your establishment is made easy with this SC Johnson Pledge� 639999 27 oz. multi-surface floor care finish! Not only will this powerful finish enhance the beauty and natural finish of your floors, but its formula will protect your floors from dirt for long-lasting use. Once applied, the finish provides a translucent barrier over your floors that prevents dirt particles from getting into the cracks and crevices in your floors. This not only extends the life of your floors, but helps maintain the cleanliness of your facility as well. It will not yellow with extended use, even in high traffic areas, so you can always rely on this finish to provide a professional look to your floors. Plus, it comes in a convenient 27 oz. container that is easy to carry around for immediate use.

This floor care finish is safe for use on finished, sealed surfaces, such as sealed tile, flagstone, linoleum, natural stone, no-wax slate, wooden, and vinyl floors. To use, you must begin with a thoroughly cleaned, dry floor. Then use a clean cloth or applicator to evenly spread the finish over the surface of your floor. Allow it to dry for 20 to 30 minutes before allowing customers or guests to walk on it. If extra shine and protection is desired, a second coat of finish may be applied on top of the first. You must wait at least 8 hours between applications.

Restores and provides a long-lasting shine to your floors
Prevents dirt and grime from getting trapped in small grooves
Safe for use on sealed tile, flagstone, linoleum, slate, wooden, and vinyl floors
Will not yellow in high traffic areas
Enhances your floor's natural finish
Protect your floors while adding a transparent shine

SC Johnson Pledge� 27 oz. Multi-Surface Floor Care Finish - 6/Case

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