Maintaining clean hardwood floors in your establishment is made easy with this SC Johnson Pledge� 640059 27 oz. squirt and mop hardwood floor care cleaner! Not only will this powerful, fast-acting cleaner enhance the beauty and natural finish of your floors, but its formula requires no additional rinsing. It also prevents any soap residue from being left behind, but leaves a pleasant, fresh lemon scent. Use this cleaner to remove dirt and grit from your floors while simultaneously brightening the color and shine. Plus, it comes in a convenient 27 oz. container that is easy to carry around for immediate use.

This floor care cleaner is safe for use on a wide variety of surfaces, such as laminated floors, no-wax floors, and sealed wooden floors. To use, simply squirt a 3" x 3" area with an S-shaped pattern. Use a well-wrung mop to clean the area thoroughly, then just let it dry before allowing customers or guests to walk on it. Since no rinsing is required and no soap residue will be left behind, you will save time and money with this quick and easy floor care cleaner. You can even clean and condition wooden surfaces such as cabinets, paneling, or woodwork by squirting a damp cloth and wiping the item down.

Cleans, shines, and protects hardwood floors
Easy to use with no rinsing required
Safe for use on sealed hardwood, laminated, ad no-wax floors
Does not leave behind a soap residue
Enhances your floor's natural finish
Fresh, lemon scent is left behind after use
Easy-to-use squirt and mop design

SC Johnson Pledge� 640059 27 oz. Squirt & Mop Hardwood Floor Care Cleaner

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