Clean carpets with no soapy residue using this Sierra by Noble Chemical 2.5 gallon carpet shampoo! 

This carpet shampoo is a high-sudsing, soap free, dry-foam, water-based shampoo. This shampoo is designed to clean, brighten, and retard soils on all types of rug, carpets, and upholstery. It cleans the toughest stains and is a cost-effective choice compared to other carpet shampoos. The concentrated formula requires only 10 oz. of product per 1 gallon of water. Use this shampoo with rotary and dry-foam shampooers to get carpets in your restaurant, office, or break room cleaner for your employees and guests to enjoy. It is the perfect cleaner for commercial or industrial use!
This carpet shampoo is a great, fast-drying solution for your carpet cleaning needs. It leaves very little moisture in the carpet while drying to a crystalline residue, which encases grease and dirt for easy vacuuming. Noble Chemical carpet shampoo contains a polymeric-type soil retardant which protects against dirt and grime re-soiling.
Before Shampooing
Before using this product, vacuum thoroughly all rugs and carpets to remove all loose dirt and soil. Also remove any spots with spot remover.
Dilute Concentrate
Follow the product's instructions to create the proper solution. Mop or spray solution onto the surface to be cleaned. Use only as much solution as is needed to wet the surface.
Brush Thoroughly
For heavily soiled areas, increase the brushing time. Brush the area thoroughly using either a rotary or dry foam shampooer. Allow foam to dry. Vacuum rug thoroughly.
Overall Dimensions:
Package Size: 2.5 gal.

Fast drying formula is easily vacuumed up
Safe for all carpets and upholstery
Suitable for rotary and dry foam shampooers
Polymeric-type soil retardant protects against dirt and re-soiling
Concentrated formula requires only 10 oz. of product per 1 gallon of water

Sierra by Noble Chemical 2.5 gallon / 320 oz. Carpet Shampoo - 2/Case

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