This Spilfyter HVU-700T 18" x 16" yellow universal high visibility absorbent pad allows you to quickly cover spills while simultaneously alerting pedestrians to potential slip-and-fall hazards. Made of a spunbound top layer with a melt-blown core, the pad provides superior strength and maximum absorbency. Its 2-ply design is not only capable of absorbing up to 4 gallons of fluid per pack (approximately 20 oz. per pad), it's also designed to confine and mop up leaks, drips, and excess water or chemicals such as oils, coolants, and solvents. It is also capable of absorbing diesel, gas, cutting fluids, hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil, acetone, turpentine, and other common fluids found in commercial and industrial settings.

This large pad comes in a convenient hanging pack that allows you to keep absorbent pads close at hand for easy access and quick liquid clean up. The box comes prepared with a hanging hole so you can place it almost anywhere! Plus, the package keeps the pads inside protected until they are needed.

The pad is colored bright yellow so that it's almost impossible for guests or employees to miss. It has bright red caution symbols and bold "Caution!" messages in both English and Spanish for optimal visibility and safety, helping to effectively reduce liability and risk of injury. Ideal for schools, businesses, supermarkets, and healthcare facilities, this absorbent pad is sure to help you maintain a clean facility and prepare for accidental messes.

High visibility yellow design with red caution symbols and bold, bilingual "Caution!" messages
2-ply construction with a spunbound top layer and a meltblown core
Multi-use product
Compact, hanging dispenser pack may be mounted nearly anywhere
Absorbs water, oil, diesel, gas, coolants, hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil, and acetone
Ideal for schools, businesses, supermarkets, and healthcare facilities
Large 18" x 16" size
Holds up to 4 gallons per pack

Spilfyter 18"16" Universal High Visibility Light Weight Absorbent Pad - 25/Pack

SKU: 249HVU700T_85

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