Avoid accidental slips and falls with this Spilfyter HVU-75 18" x 16" universal high-visibility heavy weight absorbent pad! This tear-off pad is built with a melt-blown core for superior strength and maximum absorbency. Its spunbound top layer is lint-free for greater effectiveness. Each pack is capable of absorbing about 6 gallons, or about 29 oz. per pad, of liquid and is designed to confine and mop up leaks, drips, and excess water or chemicals such as oils, coolants, diesel, and solvents.

Each pad features bright yellow and red colors as well as "Caution" in English and Spanish. This allows for optimal visibility and safety, which helps to effectively reduce liability and risk of injury. Its tear-resistant, heavy weight thickness means it can withstand excessive amounts of foot traffic. Plus, it won't rip or pull apart when placed under heavy equipment.

Quickly covers spills while simultaneously alerting pedestrians to potential slip-and-fall hazards
Absorbs about 6 gallons of liquid per pack
"Caution" message is in both English and Spanish for more effective communication
Bright yellow and red colors draw attention to contaminated area
Tear-resistant under foot traffic or heavy equipment
Designed to confine and mop up leaks, drips, and excess water or chemicals
Extremely durable spunbound lint-free material
Absorbs water, oil, diesel, gas, coolants, hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil, acetone and turpentine

Spilfyter HVU-75 18"16" Universal High-Visibility Heavy Weight Absorbent Pad -25

SKU: 999HVU75_1080

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