Spilfyter offers you the best in sorbent products with its Z-75 oil only white heavy weight pad. Bringing you extreme wicking and overall performance, this universal absorbent pad is designed for standard-use applications and it's intended to absorb machine oils. Be sure your establishment has this pad in stock so you or your employees can quickly clean up any accidental oil leakage or spill, keeping your venue sanitary and safe! This pad is perfect for manufacturing plants and other industrial companies and settings.

Dimple bonded, this pad has added durability and absorbency. It absorbs oil from water or land and it works well to repel water. It also floats on water to absorb oil spills. Each case is capable of absorbing a total of 32 gallons/121 liters of liquid. Keep floors, counters, and other surfaces clean. You can even use it proactively to prevent grime build up. Place it under or around machinery or use it as a liner on your shelves to keep them and your tools clean. It also works great as a rag for quick and effortless wipe-ups. Featuring a bright white color, this pad creates a high contrast when used with hydrocarbons and other oil-based liquid and fluids!

Extreme wicking and overall performance
Intended to clean up oil and repel water
Absorbs 32 gallons of liquid per case
Dimple bonded for increased durability
Bright white color creates high contrast with hydrocarbons
Keeps floors non-slip

Spilfyter Oil Only White Heavy Weight Absorbent Pad - 100/Case

SKU: 249Z75_90

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