Increase productivity, reduce the chance of injury, and improve your overall cleaning process with this Unger COMBR 8 gallon red mop bucket! Designed with (2) 4 gallon compartments, this bucket keeps fresh cleaning solution in the front compartment, while soiled water is directed into the rear compartment when the bottomless side-press wringer is used. This maintains cleaner mopping solution longer and reduces the amount of trips your staff has to make to empty, rinse, and refill the bucket. The ergonomic side-press wringer has a spring-loaded handle that requires minimal effort to use, which lessens the chance of injuries due to operator fatigue and discomfort. It works with both flat mops and traditional string mops.

When it does come time to empty and refill this bucket, the rear-mounted pour spout allows your employees to easily empty it into a restroom toilet or high sink. If a floor drain is available, this bucket also has a quick release, locking drain spout. This Unger mop bucket is made of durable, injection-molded polypropylene, which won't break down under harsh chemicals and resists bacteria growth. Its low center of gravity allows for easy transportation and less risk of tipping during use. Plus, this bucket can be mounted on standard cleaning carts, and its casters are removable for even greater flexibility.

Dual compartment design keeps fresh cleaning solution and dirty rinse water separate
Bottomless side-press removes water from mop with minimal effort
Reduces time spent rinsing and refilling typical buckets
Accommodates flat or traditional string mops
Pour spout and quick release drain spout offer two draining options
Low center of gravity lessens chance of tipping
Made of injection molded polypropylene for maximum durability
Mounts on standard cleaning carts; casters are removable

Unger 8 Gallon Red Mop Bucket w/ Side-Press Wringer


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