Coming with a dual compartment bucket, mop handle and mop holder this Unger floor cleaning kit will help you maintain a sparkling-clean establishment. Designed with two 4 gallon compartments, the bucket keeps fresh water in the front and soiled water in the back, helping to maintain a cleaner mopping solution for a longer period of time. It also saves time and effort since the bucket doesn't need to be emptied, rinsed, or refilled as frequently. While its ergonomic side-press wringer reduces operator fatigue and discomfort, the casters promote easy maneuverability and transportation throughout rooms.

Made of durable aluminum, the included telescoping pole is extendable from 4 to 8 feet and has a snap-in taper / ACME cone adapter that easily attaches to the mop holder. Not only does the holder feature an ample 16" surface that allows users to clean larger spaces in less time than a standard string mop, it also features a pair of integrated clips that keep mop pads securely in place. When you're finished cleaning, the holder collapses so you can easily change or rinse your pads. Whether your janitorial staff are cleaning hallway or classroom floors, this kit will promote fast, efficient cleaning within your facility.

Kit Includes:
- 1 (8) gallon 2-compartment bucket
- 1 (16)" mop holder
- 1 (4-8)' aluminum mop handle

Perfect for cleaning floors in offices, schools, and healthcare facilities
Comes with a dual compartment bucket, mop handle, and mop holder
Bucket maintains a cleaner mopping solution for a longer period of time
Ergonomic side-press wringer on bucket reduces operator fatigue and discomfort
Bucket has casters to promote easy maneuverability and transportation
Mop handle presses right into the holder for easy use
Holder collapses to change pads quickly

Unger Floor Cleaning Kit

SKU: 905SCFPG_1020